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Building Maintenance by SOGO Corporation

The most fundamental objective of building maintenance is to provide convenience, comfort and safety to clients. The mission of us, building maintenance company, is to keep their buildings in good condition affordably with efficient works.

Environment Sanitation Maintenance

Environment sanitation maintenance is checking buildings in good condition or not to maintain comfort and safety of them by measuring indoor air quality and testing water quality on legal standards such as the building administration law.

Facilities Maintenance

Operation and management for electrical systems, water supply and drainage systems, air conditioning systems and so on are to keep buildings comfortable. Stationed superintendents or facility staffs on patrol check daily operating conditions.
Specialists who have technical knowledge and skill inspect all facilities on legal standard, maintain the durability of them and fix problems.

Safety Management

Buildings are watched to keep them safe and find troubles by manpower or mechanical systems.


Referring to the lives of facilities, staffs diagnose deterioration based on the operating conditions of all facilities and prevent troubles by repair and parts replacement. And also we promptly deal with an emergency.

Emergency Maintenance

When troubles or imperfections of facilities happen, emergency staffs solve the problems whether daytime or nighttime.


We do various building management services such as interior works including cleanings and changing wallpaper after tenants' leaving.

"Breakdown maintenance" is to repair facilities after troubles or deterioration have happened, whereas"preventive maintenance"is to check them and replace parts systematically for preventing failure before it occurs. Preventive maintenance such as periodic inspections, overhauls and parts replacement can be classified into "scheduled maintenance" and "condition-based maintenance." The former is to check facilities at specified periods, and the latter is to monitor operating conditions and diagnose deterioration.

Materials and facilities can constantly deliver the required performance and functions and also the lives of them can be extended by preventive maintenance.

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